I jumped into the car I rented, and headed out of town. On to the next job. I was already behind schedule thanks to the damn airline that lost my luggage. I couldn’t wait around anymore while they tried to locate it.

Half way to my destination a loud thumping was coming from the back of the car. That’s all I needed; break down in the middle of the night, God knows where and desert as far as the eye could see.

I pulled to the side of the road and cut the engine. It was clear the noise was coming from the trunk. I popped it open and went to check it out.

A bruised and bloody man with his hands bound and duct tape over his mouth was looking up at me.  Someone beat the hell out of this guy.

I ripped the tape off, “Who are you?”

“Simon.” He stretched his mouth, “Where am I?”

I helped him out of the trunk leaving his hand tied. In my line of work you never can tell who posses a threat.

After a quick discussion I found out that Simon’s wife two brothers beat him. Why, he didn’t share. When I pushed the issue he got lippy, so I clocked him one.

He fell sideways hitting his head on the bumper on the way to the ground. I don’t think he ever felt it, I hit him so hard.

Who knows? Maybe I just did his wife a favor. I left him for the vultures and continued west.

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