Moment Of Truth

“I’m you daughter,” said the girl on the other side of the screen door.

Dave looked at her and realized she was the spitting image of a girl he met on a business trip to LA twenty years ago. Darla Mummy. What a week.

It was the only time he cheated on Beth. Their marriage was going through a rocky time. She was focusing on school, and they just weren’t connecting. Every conversation ended in an argument. Some small, some last a few days. The fight right before the LA trip almost resulted in divorce.

Darla was waiting on tables at the lounge in the hotel where he was staying. After her shift, the first night Dave was there, she came over and had a drink with him. It was nice to have a friendly chat. Dave felt like he known her for years. He even told her about Beth.

Dave didn’t mean for it to happen, but wasn’t going to stop it either. Dave spent all his free time with Darla. He had no regrets at the time, but now was questioning his judgement.

Unbeknownst to his wife, Dave kept in touch with Darla. All the letters, and she never mentioned a baby. Maybe she didn’t want to burden him. He would have found a way to help with his child.

Beth pulled into the carport, and Dave glanced at his watch. Oh shit. Moment of truth time.


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