The rain intensified the closer she got to the church. Glinda didn’t know if she should take it as a sign or not.

Her stomach twisted at the thought of being married again. Her first lasted two months. That’s when Frank took a swing at her after coming home drunk for the fifteenth day in a row. Luckily he missed, and fell to the floor passing out where he lain.  She left a short note by his head, packed her bags and moved out. She vowed never to get married again, and has been single for twenty-five years.

She knew Mike loved her, but marriage was a big step. It took Glinda three months to agree to move in with him. And that was after they’ve been going together for two years.

Glinda arrived at the church a half hour before the ceremony was to begin. the rain had lightened to a drizzle. She gazed upward as a ray of sun broke through the gloom, and she just knew she was doing the right thing.

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