On Time.

The sound of breaking glass woke me from a deep sleep. My bedside alarm blinked twelve. The storm I fell asleep to must have knocked out the power. I glanced at my wristwatch, four AM. Half hour before the alarm was to awaken me.

Stumbling in the dark, I found my way into the hallway. The full moon shone through the window lighting up the corridor. I felt the chilly air coming from the kitchen, and headed that way.

A hole was cut in the window on the door just above the knob. Someone tried to get in, but must have been scared away when the loose piece of glass shattered on the floor inside the door.

Before reaching my room to grab my cell phone, I saw light shadows coming from the living room. Two cop cars were out front with flashing lights. I watched out the window as one of the officers headed up my walkway. I opened the door before he got a chance to knock.

“Sorry to bother you so early, sir. But we caught a man,” he pointed to one of the patrol cars, “running from your house. It looks like he came from the back. He fits the description of a jewel thief we’ve been after for a month.”

“Ah yes, I heard about them. Then you’ll want to see this,” I led him to the kitchen.

As I watched them drive off it occurred to me; that without all the commotion, I wasn’t going to be on time. And that would have been a real tragedy.

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