She was supposed to go with him to the ballgame, but Darlene told Vince to get out. She must’ve got fed up with Vince’s love for sports, and putting her second.

Vince got into his car and headed to the stadium, but the farther he drove from the house the angrier he became. He arrived at the ball park, and watched it get smaller in the rear view mirror. He wasn’t in the mood to sit through a ballgame.

Five hours of driving to anywhere, Vince had no idea where he was. It was like he put the car on auto-pilot while he pondered his relationship with Darlene because he didn’t remember how he got here.

Vince pulled to the side of the road, and climbed out of the car to stretch. He took a gander around for a clue of where he was. Nothing. Not a car in sight. He must have taken a wrong turn, because desert was everywhere he looked.

He stepped back in the car to go the direction he came from, and turned the key. The engine coughed, and back fired. Vince gave the key another turn, but nothing happened. The check engine light flashed a bright red.

Vince examined under the hood but couldn’t tell between the battery and a carburetor. Damn, why didn’t he know anything about cars? His cell had no signal. Stranded in the middle of nowhere wasn’t his plan today.

He felt like he was going to melt walking under the August sun. A car in the distance, and Vince jumped up and down waving his arms over his head.

When the car slowed, he was happy and upset to see who was behind the wheel. Glad to be found, but still pissed at Darlene.

She yelled out the window, “You want a ride?”

In that moment Vince knew she was the one. Darlene never took a back seat to sports again.

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