Jo had been a nervous wreck for three days, when her ex, Andy, escaped from prison. Every little sound would cause her to jump out of her skin. A patrol officer was parked outside the house, but it didn’t do anything to ease her fear.

Happily married for ten years until Andy snapped, and tried to kill her. After Jo fended him off with a softball bat, Andy ran from the house. When the cops caught up to him, Andy had stabbed four people to death. He got life without parole. They still don’t know what set him off.

Jo’s heart skipped a beat when she heard a loud thud come from the basement. Instead of yelling for the officer again, she grabbed the bat and crept down the steps.

Andy’s head popped up from behind the boxes stacked in front of the window. Jo’s fear subsided, and anger and rage flowed through her. She rushed over and swung, hitting him on the shoulder knocking Andy to the floor.

She swung again, blood splattered on her face while he groaned. All her hate and fear came out as she continued to swing until being pulled off by the cop. Andy lie dead on the basement floor

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