Mandy was one of those people that scheduled what she was going to do every day. But Mandy took it one step further though. She planned out every minute of every day two months in advance.

She was looking forward to ringing in the new year with her best friend, Beth, whom moved back into town three months ago. Beth was a member of the Moose Lodge, and invited Mandy to a party the local chapter was having. It also gave her time to relax, as much as Mandy could.

The day before the celebration the lodge burnt down. Mandy felt sick. Mostly because there was an unexpected opening in he agenda. Mandy took it as a sign that she should just stay home and watch the fun on TV.

She tried to argue, with no success, when Beth said she was coming to pick her up for a night on the town. Mandy opened the door to see Beth standing between two old flames from high school.

All of a sudden Mandy forgot about her schedule being broken, and went off with Beth and the two guys. She vowed to try and be a little spontaneous in the coming year.

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