The photograph was old, the image faded but you could tell the little girl is standing in front of a Christmas tree. Nanna said it was the first year she helped her father pick it out. It was 1924 and she had recently turned ten. She always said as long as she lived, that Christmas would be he favorite.

The snow was falling when they arrived at the tree farm. She was amazed at how many there were, and wished she could decorate all of them.

She heard her father call out to her as she ran ahead. Surrounded be trees when she stopped beside this one pine, so full and beautiful she just had to have it.

After they got it home and she posed for the picture,  they put it in front of the living room window and decorated it. Her dad told her she had pick out the most special and magical tree.

Just then a knock on the door and bells jingling were heard. She opened the door to see a new Swift Bicycle for girls, the only thing she had wished for.

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