Thirty Year Plan

When he proposed almost thirty years ago and she said yes, Bobbi had the idea floating around in her head. She knew Jack would work his way up the corporate ladder growing his salary to be the multi-millionaire he was today.

Jack hated to spend money, no matter how little the cost. Even their honeymoon was two days at a bed and breakfast not far from home, instead of Hawaii like she wanted.

Bobbi wasn’t allowed any luxurious, and had to beg and plead for something new. Even if it was essential to the household.

On the night of his fifty-second birthday, Bobbi gave him a piece of birthday cake with crushed up cyanide tablet in it.

After scoffing it down Jack complained of a headache and being dizzy. He fell out of the kitchen chair and on to his side.

Bobbi picked up the phone to call an ambulance, but before she dialed she watched as her thirty year plan became reality.

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