Trick or Treating

Even though we became teenagers over the summer, Tommy and I still enjoyed going trick or treating. Especially on a damp, cool night with the fog rolling in.

We must have knocked on every door in town. Our pillow cases were full of goodies, and we decided to go home and combine our stash. Two blocks from home, Tommy noticed a light flashing up ahead. We stopped and looked at each other because it wasn’t there earlier when we walked this street in the other direction.

Stopping in front of the flashing light, a road we never saw before was behind it. I nodded at Tommy, and we went to check it out. It was dark. If Tommy didn’t have a flash light you couldn’t see anything. The farther we went, the darker and windier it seemed to get.

From behind us we heard a slow grown. No one was there when Tommy turned to shine the light. Suddenly I heard Tommy scream, and the flash light fell to the ground. I picked it up and shined it all around, but Tommy we no where in sight.

I yelled out his name a couple times. No answer. I felt pushing on my back a few times. The last time I was shoved to the ground. I opened my eyes to see Tommy looking down at me from my bed and laughing.

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