The scream was not a human one. At least Harvey didn’t think so. It sounded too high pitched with a slight growl behind it. Must not have been that fall away. It was still echoing in his ears five minutes after it stopped.

He’s been hiking the north woods for twenty years, and have never heard any screams, let alone like that one. His curiosity got the best of him, and headed to where he thought the sound came from.

After walking west for a mile, Harvey saw it lying on the ground. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he got a good look. It looked like a giant harry man. Bigfoot? But he didn’t believe in it.

The leg was cut nearly off the body with blood gushing out of it. The beast groaned in pain, and opened it’s eyes.  It stared at Harvey.  Looking into its eyes, Harvey saw a gentleness he couldn’t describe.

He stroked its face, and sat there until the beast took its last breath. Harvey wasn’t such a non-believer any more.

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