There was nothing left of the money except the three-thousand dollar hooker sleeping next to him. Clyde watched her breath as she slept peacefully, all the while wondering how he could blow all that money he inherited from his grandfather on Debbie.

But she was more to him than just a one night stand, or thirty one night stands. Just saying her name gave Clyde an undescribable excitement. He was falling in-love with her. The one thing he didn’t plan, or wanted. He knew Debbie would never feel the same.

She opened her eyes and lay her head on his chest, “Morning sweetheart.”

Sweetheart? Where’d that come from?

He brushed the hair from her eyes, “How’d you sleep?” knowing full well she slept better in the month she was with him than she did in a long time.

“Heavenly,” she said, before she lifted her head to kiss him.

Heavenly? Another word he was shocked to hear her say.

She sat up on her knees. Before he could say anything, she said, “I realized last night when you told me it would be our last night together that I love you.”

He took her hand and gazed into her eyes, “Last night was the first night of the rest of our lives.”


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