He always rushed by the old run-down house every time Paul walked the back woods trail. The windows were are broken out, and holes you could see through in the walls.

There were a few stories going around about the house. The one that Paul heard most often was the last couple that owned it back in 1957 were found shot to death, and their spirits never left and haunts the place. It was never confirmed as a murder-suicide, but most believe it was.

Paul stood in front of the house, his heart racing, went up to the open doorway and went through. A warm breeze brushed over him. He looked around to see where it came from, but couldn’t tell.

The chair in front of the window started to rock making him jump. Paul swallowed hard and walked around it. A silhouette of a person shone through the light. He froze when the chair stopped rocking and the image seemed to be looking at him.

Paul’s eyes followed the shadow as it floated up and disappeared in the sunlight. The house brightened up, and Paul stood there admiring its beauty.

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