There was something not quite with the window. Henry walked over to get a better look.It was slightly opened with chilly air seeping through.

He closed it tight and twisted the lock on top. It was then he realized the lock being turned around got his attention about the window.

He knocked on the door to the right of it, “Sam, honey, are you up?”

“I’ll be right out,” a yawning voice said.

She never snuck out before, but there’s always a first time.

Henry believed her when she said she was in her room all night finishing a project for school. He was thankful to have a teenager who’d rather do home work than go out on a Friday night.

“Daddy,” she yelled, “there’s a man sleeping on the couch.”

“Don’t touch him,” Henry rushed into the living room.

He carefully felt his neck for a pulse. The man quickly rolled and put Henry in a headlock, and pointed a gun at Sam while getting up.

Henry clawed at his arm but the man’s grip was to tight, and was struggling to breath.  A second later, Henry was free and the man was lying on the floor with blood trickling from his nose. Henry pounced on the gun while Sam pushed her knee down on the man’s back holding him down.

Twenty minutes later the man was being taken away to two policeman. They have been looking for the guy for two weeks; wanted for breaking and entering, armed robbery and assault.

Henry was glad he let Sam’s mother talk him into letting her take judo lessons.


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