Let go

It was one of those things she didn’t let go. Shelly never let go of anything. Bob hated it.

She knew what she was marrying into. It wasn’t his fault he was gone for seven months just after they were married.

Bob had gone under cover posing as an outlaw biker. He got an award when most of the Screaming Wheels went up on drug trafficking charges. It was a bonus getting the prostitution and sex trafficking. Bob received a special accommodation for it.

Ten years of marriage, Bob was sick of her belly-aching and complaining about what she didn’t have. Bob gave her a nice life. Unless he was on assignment, he was always there for her.

He arrived home early from his latest case to surprise her. He got the shock when he found a “dear john” letter taped to the front door. He read the note over and over hoping he could let go.

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