Evacuate Earth

Of all my years of studying space, I have never seen a full moon so bright over the water. It lit up the whole neighborhood. I could see three blocks away to the beach.

I climbed off of my perch on the roof of my house and headed toward the beach not taking my eyes off the moon. There was something different about the night. On most nights frogs and crickets were singing, but it was eerily quiet.

When I reached the beach the moon looked brighter than when I left my house. I took a glance around and didn’t see anyone. Nor did I hear the surf, which was strange.

Small puddles and droplets of water were where the surf was supposed to be that time of night. I, and my team of scientists knew this was going to happen some day; the moon would inch closer to the Earth as a result of the sun getting too hot, and it starts to dry up and melt the Earth. Just thought it wouldn’t be this soon.

We had to speed up our plan to evacuate Earth.


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