As soon as she walked in, she felt the tension. Marcy felt twenty pair of eyes on her. If only they knew the truth, but nobody listened. Story of her life; no one ever believed Marcy Drew.

It wasn’t her fault fifteen years ago, and it’s not her fault now.

A jury might have found her not guilty, then, but that didn’t stop everyone in town to have their own suspicions and theory’s. Especially since it took a sequstered jury almost a month before coming back with a verdict.

Marcy was devastated when she lost Danny, the love of her life.

The only reason she was arrested was for the lack of another suspect. The cops fabricated a case against her and the lawyers ran with it.

No where in the timeline of Danny’s murder was Marcy anywhere near the house. She was fifty miles away, on her way home from visiting her parents. But somehow the pictures of her paying the tolls were never seen.

Donna, Marcy’s sister, walked up to her and said, “Did you kill this one like you killed Danny? In his sleep?”

How did Donna know they were both sleeping at the time? Marcy wasn’t even sure.

Marcy walked away from her sister reaching for he cell phone.


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