Close Call

The fire was getting close. I had to get upstairs to get the twins. I hope they were still sleeping, don’t need them scared.

The first whiff of smoke tickled my nose. Why did I have to buy such a big house? Marie, our nanny was off, and my wife was at the studio. I wished one of them was here now.

Smoke was coming through the floor vent, but the room was in sight. I felt the bed room door, it wasn’t warm and went in.

The twins were asleep, still sucking on their pacifiers. There was no way I’d make it back through the house with the baby’s.

I unlocked the window and opened it. Sirens were blaring in the distance. Damn, my cell phone was down stairs. Luckily, people were running toward the house. I guess when your wife is well known by the public, people look out for you.

I recognized my neighbor, tom, as he appeared to see me waving my arms over my head. He stopped when a fire truck drove past him. He pointed up at me as he talked to a fireman that got off the back of the truck.

I felt the bottom of my feet start to get warm. Smoke billowed out from under the base boards.

The kids were starting to squirm. Jackie opened her eyes just before I picked her up.

A fireman shouted at me, told me to give him the baby and climb out the window.

“There’s another one,” I yelled, barely hearing my voice, and nodded toward the crib.

He nodded and said, “I know.”

Jenny was waiting for me when I got down, and wrapped her loving arms around me. Two EMT’s brought Jackie and John over after checking them out.

We watched the fire-fighters put the fire out, sparing most of the house. It was contained to the basement, and the house was still livable.

Clutching the baby’s and leaning on each other, grateful everyone and everything survived the close call.

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