Even though we talked about marriage, I hadn’t asked her yet. I went out and bought a small but eloquent diamond, and decided to ask on her birthday.

I reserved a table beside the window at her favorite restaurant. Mother nature cooperated and gave us a full moon shining off the lake. It looked like a painting, and so perfect.

I ordered a bottle of the bubble while she was refreshing herself. I stood and held her chair when she got back to the table. I got on one knee in front of her and pulled out the box from my inside jacket pocket. She put up one finger and pulled out her cell phone insisting I call her mother. Was she serious?

I stood, flummoxed, and walked to the rest room. I should have listened to my instincts before we started going out. I paid the check and took her home. It being over wasn’t as upsetting as it should have been.

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