Hide Out

Tray made a regular habit of going to the Hide Out every time she was behind the bar hoping to get to know the girl with the beautiful face. Katie’s lovely smile and contagious laugh is what attracted him in the first place. She saw him come in and quickly made a spot for his wheelchair.

He’d sit there for hours sipping on his beer, watching her work and sneaking bits of a conversation when she got the chance. She grew more beautiful, in his eyes, each day he was there.

Tray got to be quite smitten with her, and wondered if she was the same. He’d leave the bar each night unable to share his feelings with her, and go home feeling ashamed. He was afraid his lack of mobility would be the reason if he was turned down.

He rolled in one slow Sunday without her knowing. She turned and smiled at him. He knew this would be the night he’d take a chance.


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