Happen for a reason.

Lying in bed with the TV off, which is a rarity, my mind wonders. And I start to ponder, how the hell am I still alive with every thing I’ve been through?

From early in life having heart surgery to having casts on my legs multiple times, because of Cerebral Palsy, to help me walk. Thankfully I don’t remember much of it. Just bits on pieces of being in casts.

Growing up I played as a kid with nothing wrong with me. I thought of myself as a NORMAL kid. I just walked slower and funny, and ran even funnier.

When I was outside playing football with the neighborhood kids or just running up and down the street, my heart would be beating a thousand miles a minute, and I didn’t give it any thought.

Maybe things really do happen for a reason, and it’s not just something I believe. Being the kid I was, wanting to play sports and to be able to compete on the same level knowing I couldn’t, was almost heart braking. But maybe…just maybe if my legs did work right, I might not be here to write this blog.


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