One of the guys.

Samantha and I walked arm and arm into the ball room, acting like all the grow-ups. Being the youngest ones there, all eyes were focused on us. Probably to make sure we acted older than the thirteen year old’s we were.

I had never seen Sam other than in play clothes while playing kick-ball, and tag, among other similar games. I just saw her as one of the guys.

“John,” she said to me. “You want to dance?” she pointed to the dance floor.

I smiled and nodded, grabbing her hand I led her to the dance floor. Trying not to be nervous, I settled my hands on her waist while her’s rested on my shoulders. We swayed to the music just staring at each other.

“Close your eyes,” she said.

“Okay,” I softly said.

Her lips pressed against mine with tenderness. Sam wasn’t one of the guys any more.


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