Did I just see what I think I saw? I must be over worked; that’s it, I’m over worked. Haven’t had a vacation since I started here over three years ago. That really didn’t make sense either, I loved my job.

“I want to be in the widow today.”

I snapped my head around to see where the voice came from. No one there except for one of the mannequin I had to dress and set up. It was the closest thing to being an artist, and creating a masterpiece I was going to get. I swore the facial expression changed on it. I let it go and went back to fixing the pant leg on the dummy I was working on.

“The one over there.”

I again turned around, this time in annoyance, “All right! Who’s doing……”

To my shock, it was pointing toward the front window. I walked over to exam the doll. This can’t be. I moved the arm up and down just like I did when I positioned it.

“Did you say something?” I realized I said out loud after I said it.

It blinked. I jumped back, almost falling. I touched its cheek. It felt smooth, not rubbery like it usually does. The eyes looked moist with a hint of life.

“I miss the outside world.”

I cocked my head more in curiosity than in fright.

“That window?” I managed to whisper, pointing at the same window.

The dummy barely nodded, but I could tell it was a nod.

I picked it up and went to the window.  I sat the dummy in the chair and went to work on the display looking outside.

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