Up in smoke

“I change my myself cause I want to make you happy. And your still not happy? You bitch! What the hell do you want?”

Liz stood and had that look in her eyes BJ hated and feared, “It sure as hell took you long enough.” She pointed at him, “But you can do more,” she spat, and walked out of the room.

BJ sat in the chair and pretended to watch TV. When he heard the car drive away he got up and grabbed a beer. He didn’t care if it was just after noon, he wanted a little help with his courage.

Sitting at the kitchen table sipping on his beer, BJ made a list of everything to take with him, even what he had given Liz. If she didn’t appreciate what he did, she didn’t deserve what he gave her. He got angrier as the list grew longer, not realizing he was damn near spoiling her.

He knew he had time to gather his things and search for some of the gifts he wanted back. She wasn’t due home from work until after mid-night. Most of the time she was home the time she said she’d be. But lately she wasn’t getting home until after two-AM, sometimes later.

Of course. He smacked his forehead, “How could I be that stupid?” he grabbed another beer. “That explains why she comes home bra-less,” he sat back down.

It was after seven by the time he packed his stuff and found most of the gifts he gave her over the years. He quickly jotted a note and hung it off the mantle. BJ through the gifts into the fire place, and lit it. But before he did, BJ took a picture of all the little nicknacks and taped it to the note that said “up in smoke.”


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