Joe stepped out into the darkness hoping to see the pink light in the sky, like he has for the past month. Each time a little brighter and appeared closer. Last time it was so close he thought he could reach out at touch it. Maybe it was his imagination, but he swore he saw shadows walking around inside the light.

Right on schedule the light showed up. Unlike before when he saw the light, Joe felt the energy coming off of it. Joe starting sweating profusely and feeling nauseated.  He sat down in the cool grass to feel better, but it only made him light headed.

He laid down, and the pink light settled directly over him. He reached his hand up and his arm seemed to glow. The nausea went away and he sat up. In fact he never felt better.

Joe stood and the light formed around him. Everything was a shade of pink, but perfectly clear. Joe levitated from the ground, but to his surprise wasn’t afraid. He watched as his house got smaller in the distance until it disappeared.

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