Something just clicked in me. I was reading an article, or was a blog post? I can’t remember, it doesn’t matter. Something clicked, like a light bulb switched on in my head.

I haven’t been taking myself as seriously as I should, or thought I was. After silently making it a big deal, and for the first time pinning my goals, for the year, above my desk so I’d see them, I’m still reading more than I’m writing.

Articles and more articles and blogs before I get to the book I’m in the process of reading, which usually comes at night while sitting in bed. It leaves little time to write, which I feel guilty about. I mean it’s already February and I haven’t completed a short story to submit anywhere yet.

I have the power to change that, and I will. Not next month. Not next week. Now. I will push toward my writing goals and try not to feel any guilt for not reading a article or a blog. Or, not as many pages or chapters in my bed time book.

The year may have started slow, but watch what I do. I just might impress someone.

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