A cold breeze blew through, extinguishing the fire warming the room. I looked up from my book, and peeked around the room to see where it could be coming from. I went to re-light the fire, but a stronger wind prevented it and gave me a chill in my bones. A third time it blew, a howling echoed through out the room.

It felt like the room was spinning and my eyes wouldn’t focus. I laid on the floor hoping to regain my barrings, but my head was too fuzzy. My life flashed in my mind like a picture show.

My eyes focused and the face of the devil through a ring of fire was gazing down at me.

“Get out!” it growled, and fire shot up to the ceiling.

Fright consumed me, and I couldn’t move. The floor around me creaked and started to crack. I forced myself to move roll over and slither toward the front door. The creaking grew louder and pieces of the roof were falling nearly missing me.

I reached the door and stretched to turn the knob. It grazed my head as it flew off it’s hinges. I could hear the house collapsing as I crawled out the door. I stood and ran to the road, tuning in time to see the top of the house disappear into a huge divot in the earth.

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