I quickly slammed the trunk shut, and looked around to see if anyone noticed. The street was deserted and quiet. The only sound I heard was my pounding heart, it echoed in my head. I slowly opened the trunk back up, and tightly closed my eyes hoping I didn’t see what I saw.

She was half naked and covered in blood. I checked for a pulse. Dead.

I thought about calling the police. But being a recently released ex-con, I erased it from my mind. Were they really going to believe that I had nothing to do with it? I wasn’t willing to take that chance. I closed the trunk and moved my car into the garage while I figured out what to do.

I waited until after mid-night when most of the city was asleep. I drove a half-hour to an abandoned mill on the outskirts of the harbor that meets the coast. The old boat-ramp would be perfect, no splash. I got out of the drivers side, and reached in the open window to put the car in neutral. I looked up to the heavens as the car and its passenger rolled to their watery grave.

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