State Letislature

Even before the party begged him to run, John was leaning that way. Senator Conner had a nice ring to it. Instead of watching the State Legislatures get nothing done and complaining about it, maybe John could do something about it. Cynical as he was, he through his hat into the ring.

John campaigned on all the issues, including on that wasn’t talked about at all. It was his most passionate issue. He talked about how the state treated disabled people for hours.

He had made a promise to his brother, whom was in a wheelchair since childhood, and to himself that he would. John’s brother, David, wrote a letter every month of his adult life, complaining that the state wasn’t doing enough to help disabled people. Those letters fell on deaf ears.

John didn’t care if he’d win, he just wanted to be heard. And heard he was. Three weeks until election day, and John held a slim lead in the polls.

After being elected, John appointed David to head up a pilot program called Disability Watch. Those deaf voices were about to get an ear full.

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