Wake up

“Wake up,” a little voice said while pushing on my shoulder. “Time to open the presents.”

Isn’t it a little early for this?

I groggily sat up, “I’ll get Timmy,” I said to my wife, as his cries echoed down the hall.

My wife rolled out of bed and kissed our daughter, “Lets go see what Santa brought, Lizzy. I’ll put the coffee on,” she said, looking back at me walking out the room.

I set Timmy on the floor in front of his presents, and helped him unwrap the first one. Lizzy tared into hers, already half way through them.

“It’s strong,” Sandy handed me a cup.

I looked at her, “Good.”

“It seems like yesterday Lizzy was Timmy’s age.”

“It does go fast,” I said.

Lizzy finished opening her gifts and rush over to us hold a piece of paper. “It’s from Santa, she excitingly said. “He is real.”

I hugged her and thought, don’t grow up too fast.

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