Ginger Frost was so apprehensive she couldn’t relax.  Along with her first album in twenty years being released today, she was to begin her comeback North American tour to promote it.  The first single from it was getting plenty of play on the radio and Ginger felt good about that.  But being on stage, she hoped she didn’t lose her nerve.

Ginger’s last album wasn’t well received, and she went into a depression.  It didn’t help that her lover left her with an infant when he decided to go back to his wife.

A shot of whiskey, to calm her nerves, before she went on stage.  Surprisingly, Ginger felt at home, and comfortable. The crowd went wild as she mixed old with new songs, never missing a beat.

After six encores, Ginger sat in her dressing room with tears in her eyes.  Relieved it was over, but looking forward to the next show.  Ginger frost was definitely on her way back.

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