The whole neighborhood came for our Halloween party.  Everyone mostly mingled in the back yard because of the unexpected warm weather.  It was festive with the costume contest, and trying to figure out who was whom.

The winner was someone who came as Frankenstein.  It was very convincing; about seven foot tall, green hands and face, and two bolts in the neck.  No one had any idea who it was.

After the contest everyone was asked to reveal themselves.  All but one did.  Frankenstein.  They just shook their head and grunted.  I pointed at Frankenstein, and looked over to my wife like, is this guy for real?

“All right Frankie,” I said.  “Let’s see who you are.”

Again they grunted, and touched the bolts with each hand.

Lightning flashed a couple times, and thunder crackled and rolled through the sky.  All at once the house was crowed with party-goers, and the mood turned somber.

We all looked at each other trying to figure out what just happened.  When I didn’t find Frankenstein in the house I went in the back yard.  Whomever it was, was no longer around.

Thinking back, it was the best Halloween prank ever.  If it was a prank.

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