The city was barely visible through the misty fog. The full moon gave it a eerie look, and a spooky feeling.  I’ve heard stories about nights like this, but paid them no mind.  But on that Halloween night, I became a true believer.

I had just settled into bed when the wind started to howl like I never head before.  It sounded like it was howling my name, Allen.  I figured it was my imagination and shut my eyes.

Allen, I heard again.  But louder.  A banging on the window accompanied it.

Startled, I jumped out of bed.  I looked out the window to see nothing but clouds shadowing the moon.

Another rap on the window after I turned toward the bed.  The window was cracked when I looked back.

The air trickling in felt like it was pulling me.  I tried to dash out of the bedroom but the grip on me was so strong that I quit fighting it and stepped toward the widow.

There appeared to be a figure sitting in the tree.  I squinted my eyes trying to get a better look.

I dropped to the floor in fright when two small red eyes peeked back at me.

The wind went calm, and I stood to gaze out the window.  The night sky became clear.  But I new I was being watched.

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