I can hear people around me.  I open my eyes, but can’t see anything.  What’s happening to me?  Uncle Frank is hear, I can tell.  The tobacco smell from his pipe hover in the air.

“Uncle Frank, help me!”

Why won’t he answer?

I can’t hear what anyone is saying, just muffled voices.

“Uncle Frank!”

I see shadows and light as my eyes focus.  I’m floating above people looking down at something.

Holy shit, is this my funeral?!  Am I dead?  I don’t feel dead.  How’d I get here?  I don’t remember.

No, no!  Don’t close the lid!  I’m still here.  No!  I still have more time.

The lid closes, and everything goes dark again.

“Richie,” I hear in a soothing voice.


“Let’s go home.  Your dad’s waiting for us.”

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