The whole neighborhood came for our Halloween party.  Everyone mostly mingled in the back yard because of the unexpected warm weather.  It was festive with the costume contest, and trying to figure out who was whom. The winner was someone who came as Frankenstein.  It was very convincing; about seven foot tall, green hands and …

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New House


It was the first Halloween in our new house. We finally were able to move out of that small, three room apartment. Even though it wasn’t much bigger, to me it looked like a palace.
Mom and me went around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. It was the first time going from house to house in the dark, instead of the apartment building. The air was crisp, with an Autumn chill. Stars blanketed the sky, with a full moon lighting the way.
We returned to the house after our journey. Mom was anxious to get inside to rest her tired feet. I stood outside looking at the house. Something didn’t look right. There looked like a light fog surrounding the house, with a glowing ring around it.
I called for mom, a few times, to come see. She never came. I went inside to see why she didn’t answer. Looking into the…

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The ringing of the phone interrupted my morning routine of getting ready for work.  I picked up the receiver.  A dial tone was all I heard.  I didn't give it much thought and finished getting ready for work. The door bell rang while I was eating breakfast in the kitchen.  Who could that be so …

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Reagan was nine years old when she realized she was different, and talked to spirits. Poor souls that were stuck between life and the after. Reagan too, sometimes, felt like an outcast. For the spirits were her only friends. "Who are you talking to?" Reagan's mother asked one day. "Stan," Reagan announced from her bedroom. …

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I can hear people around me.  I open my eyes, but can't see anything.  What's happening to me?  Uncle Frank is hear, I can tell.  The tobacco smell from his pipe hover in the air. "Uncle Frank, help me!" Why won't he answer? I can't hear what anyone is saying, just muffled voices. "Uncle Frank!" …

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Today is the day Going to delete you Like you did to me All those months ago   Going to delete you And let my heart heal Becoming whole again   Sadness and relief seeing your pictures disappear   I deleted you today