City Streets

He roams the city streets after mid-night until dawn every night hoping not to see a hooker get killed, or a drug deal that ended bad.  The steel city has gone to hell since Harry’s been gone.  The crime rate has been steadily climbing since two-thirds of the police force was laid off.  The local Government seems to turn a blind eye to the growing number of gang related murders in and around Pittsburgh.

Budget cuts, Harry was told, when he tried to get his old detective job back.  Harry knew better though.  The mayor of the city, Montgomery Grey, Harry thought he was crooked when he was a council member.  Harry always was a good judge of character.

Harry had to do something, and could watch his city sink any further.  He owed it to all the innocent people who lived here.  He owed it to the city for being gone so long.  And he owed it to his late partner, who was shot in the line of duty.

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