It couldn’t be. I broke up with her a month ago.  So why am I seeing her everywhere I go?  She wasn’t always weird.

The first time I met Cassie, she was amazing I thought.  She was about to get her masters, but didn’t take her self too seriously.  I liked that about her.  She was funny, and had a quick wit.  As a part time comic, something I wished I had.

We had fun together; that was the best part.  We decided to be exclusive, and see how it would go.  I assumed since we were having so much fun together, it stay like that.

She became needy and possessive, and wanting to know where I was at all times.  It wore me out–quick.  I told her we could still be friends.  Yeah, that always works.

Studying in the park I thought I saw her again.  I pulled out my cell, and called her number.  The theme from the show Cops came from behind the tree.  Cassie came around the tree with a crazy look in her eyes.

Scared, I yelled, “What the fuck are you doing?”

It seemed like everyone in the park heard me, and looked my way.  I could hear Cassie crying as she ran away.  Hopefully it’d be the last time I saw my stalker.  Highly doubtful though.

2 thoughts on “Stalker

  1. Patty

    Stalker cont…
    The next time I knew Cassie was close I didn’t see her but I could smell her perfume..I was in the library on campus & I could smell her strong musky scent..As I looked around expecting to see her I saw no one.But those little hairs on the back of my neck stood up ..I knew she was watching me and I couldnt shake that feeling for the rest of the day.I was looking forward to getting my apartment & locking the door pulling the shades & having a beer to relax & not have to be looking over my shoulder. When I pulled up to my apartment the police were all over I wondered what was going on hoping my neighbors were OK..Then I seen crime scene tape around the door to my apartment & a cold shiver went through my whole body.The police asked me my name & perceeded to inform me they recevied a call from a girlfriend of mine who told them I was the one who strangled the prostatue that they had found by the river months ago & that I had confessed to her about it.Well here I sit now locked away from the world in prison with one visitor who comes every month…her name is cassie

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