She touched him. He wasn’t sure if he was touched because she liked him, or she felt sorry for him.  He had never let someone that close to him before.  He was careful not to.  But something about this girl made him want to open up.  Made him want to share his feelings, his dreams, and his fears.

Why couldn’t he get a handle on her though?  He was usually a good judge of character.  Maybe he was afraid of his feelings, and it would be just another infatuation.

She was the only girl he had sex with, not losing his virginity until he was twenty-four.  It’s not like he didn’t try.  He’d go out every night to find someone willing knowing full well he had a better shot at winning the lottery than to have some broad fuck him.  Until her he was fine with going home alone.

Was she someone he had a future with, or did she spread her leg for him because she was horny?  He got his answer when she text him about her husband coming home early.

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