Jame Harrison, Linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, has been in the news this week not for what he did on the field, but for what he did off. Harrison sent back the participation trophies his sons received, and I applaud him.

Since when had it become acceptable in our society to reward someone for just participating?  It’s like giving the NFL team with the worst record a trophy.  Ridiculous!

Earning a trophy on the field of play is much more than earning a trophy on the field.  It teaches us to work hard and go after whatever it is we want; no matter if it’s on the field or in the class room.  They don’t just hand A’s, do they?

Somewhere along the way we lost that drive, and think we should be recognized for just joining in.  Only if we had a lot more James Harrison’s in the world, we’d find that drive again.

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