Looking Forward

Looking forward to the end of August and into September, a few of the things I’m excited about:

My Pittsburgh Pirates are right in the middle of a division race for the third year in a row, and hope they can overtake the St. Louis Cardinals.  Maybe-just maybe-it will be a special year, and they’ll win the World Series for the first time in thirty-six years.

In a few days I will turn forty-eight.  Wow, forty-eight.  When I was young I couldn’t imagine being in my late forties. Could anyone?  I’ll go to my favorite watering hole and have a few with friends.  Every year is a mile stone and a privilege.

Like a lot of football fans, I play fantasy football.  The draft is coming up.  We do a live draft, and it’s fun to get together and see who thinks drafted the best team.  Hopefully I can do better than the past couple of years.

Once September hit, I intend to write more than I do now.  I’m going to set a deadline for a weekly short story, and a daily word count goal for my work in progress.  And stop procrastinating so much like I do.

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