Wedding Day

I stood there listening to the organ play, still unsure if I wanted to go through it.  When we moved in together the year before I was very much in love.  At least I thought I was.

In that year she had taken my love as a sign of weakness; that I’d do anything for her, no matter if I wanted to or not. Instead of the a loving fiance I thought she was, she had turned into a mother figure.  Telling me what to do and say. Not wanting to go through life alone, I obeyed just like a child would.

The organist played Here Comes the Bride and I got a lump in my throat.  My body shaking while my voice barely a whisper in reciting our vows.  Somewhere inside me I knew we would part someday, and I would come to my senses. But not on our wedding day.

4 thoughts on “Wedding Day

  1. There is nothing more powerful than words that describe the thoughts and feelings we hold privately, deep within. To speak or not to speak, reveal or not reveal–these are the difficult choices we inevitably struggle with as we navigate the journey of intimacy and trust with significant others in our lives. Thank you for this. It is the kind of sharing that gives permission to others to accept and be kind to themselves. And that is a gift.

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