Some Day

Other than my wedding day, it was going to be the best day of my life.  I stuck to my plan, worked hard and it paid off.  The firm was about to get its newest lawyer.

I left the house confident, and ready for what the job had in-store.  Reflecting back, I thought of all the sacrifices I made.  Betty understood, and supported me the whole way.  We didn’t even have a honeymoon.  Hell, we barely had a reception.  I promised to make it up to her-some day.

Sitting at a light not far from my office, the semi took the turn to wide.  Two days later I woke up in the hospital unable to feel my legs.

“What happened?” I barely whispered.

“You were hit by a truck,” Betty said, through tears.  She rested her hand on mine, “I knew you’d come back.”

Two months later we sold the house, and left the big city to watch the sunsets of Florida.  Some day was here.

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