It seemed like I stepped through a time machine. The castle was not like anything I had seen other than on TV.  Built of cobblestone, and as tall as the tallest trees.  A wondrous sight indeed.

I pulled on the rope next to the two tall doors.  The clang of the bell was heard for miles.  The doors opened to a dimly lit hall that seemed to go on forever.

I cautiously walked over the threshold, but somewhat excited too.  Roaming down the hall a woman’s voice cried out.  I looked around to see where it had come from.  But I couldn’t tell, the walls at no windows or doors.

Finally coming to the end of the hall, it opened up to a large sitting area.  I took a gander around the room; a long dinning table on one side, with ten chairs on either side of it.  On the other side, rows and and rows of books.  The shelves went as high as the ceiling.

“Hi there,” a woman’s voice said.  She looked up from her book, “You shouldn’t have come here.”

“Why not?”  I pointed around the room, “I wanted to see.”

“You can never leave.”  She pointed in the direction of the bookshelves, “The dragon in there won’t let you.

Ridiculous, I thought.  “There is no dragon that I see.”

She got up and pulled me over in front of the bookshelves.  Through the crack between the shelves and the wall, I saw something move and a hint of a repugnant odor.

“Come on,” I grabbed her hand.  “We’re getting out of here,” we started down the hall.

“How?  It well catch us,” she tried to pull away.

“Not if I shoot it.”

We reached the door and walked out.  I heard a thunderous roar behind us.  We looked at each other and I dropped her hand.  We took off running into the woods.  The ground shook as the thing got closer.  We were running out of time.  I turned and aimed my machine gun.  It wouldn’t fire.  I banged on its side, still wouldn’t fire.  The dragon’s head was coming toward us with its mouth opened.

My eyes struggle to open, “Honey, wake up.  You’re dreaming,” my wife said, shaking me.

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