Icy Rain

The icy rain made it difficult to see, even with the windshield wipers on high.  The wind made it almost impossible to go much faster than a fast crawl, and I had to get to the hospital to meet my wife.  We were having our first baby.

She was able to carry this one to term after two miscarriages.  The last three months were the hardest.  Shelly was on bed-rest and I was traveling for work, and couldn’t always be there.  Fortunately our neighbor, Suzy, was a doctor and would look in on her often.

What should have been a twenty minute drive took me forty-five to get to the hospital.  I hoped I wasn’t too late.  A nurse greeted me and rushed me back to Shelly’s room.  Suzy stood outside the room with tears in her eyes.

She hugged me.  “Congratulations,” and took my hand and lead me into the room.



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