The Cabin

The look in her eyes told me she did not want to go with him.  I grabbed her hand out of his.  But I jerked back when he punched me in the face.  He took off running, pulling her by the arm.

I could hear her screams as he lead her away.  I couldn’t run after them because my right leg was amputated a year ago.  My only hope was to guess where he was taking her.

I reached his cabin the next day.  It was in the mountains surrounded by the sounds of nature.  She told me he goes there sometimes to be by himself.  I figured there was a good chance I’d find them there.

From outside the window I heard her faint cry.  When I didn’t hear his voice I busted the door down.

She was in the fetal position on the floor.  A chain went from the bedroom and was cuffed around her left ankle.  He was lying on the floor, dead, in front of her, with a gun shot to the heart.

“He made me watch him kill himself,” she managed to say before falling into my arms.

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