He didn’t expect it to be this hard.  Teddy knew he was going back to Florida, but he was hoping Lynn would go back with him so they could start living their lives together.  Not seeing her everyday was the most excruciating pain he ever felt.  A month and a half was far to much time to go without seeing her.  He had to see her.

The quickest way was by plan, but he couldn’t get a flight for three weeks.  Still too long.  He thought about taking a bus, but it would take too long.  All those stops along the way.  He couldn’t bare the thought of it.  Teddy called on some of his friends for a ride, but they either couldn’t or were unwilling to do him a favor.

With a couple days worth of clothes, Teddy took off north on his scooter.  He knew it was on its last legs, but would drive it as far as he could, then figure out what to do from there.  The scooter did better than expected, and made it to the mountains of Virginia in a week before it completely died.

Teddy hitched a ride to the local airport to see if he could hop on a plan.  The impending hurricane had stopped all the flights, nor were there any buses leaving, when he called the bus terminal.  Teddy started to feel like it was a sign, as if him and Lynn shouldn’t be together.  But Teddy and Lynn shared something very special, and their love was so deep, it only came around once in a lifetime.  Teddy had waited forty-seven years for that kind of love, he wasn’t going to let no storm get in his way of true euphoria.

He left the airport, and started waking north just as the sky started to rumble.  A few miles into his journey, the rain was pelting down making it slow going.  Not that Teddy could walk fast if he tried.  Because of his Cerebral Palsy, Teddy’s legs have been on the decline for a few years.

He walked for three straight days, and it seemed to rain the whole time to make him could and wet on top of being exhausted.  But his only thought was getting to Lynn.  A couple miles from his destination Teddy’s legs gave out; he could barely move them at all.  He crawled, dragging his legs, through the mud and dirt up the hill.

He finally reach her yard, and yelled out her name, “Lynn!  Lynn!”

A few minutes later she emerged from the door.  She ran over putting her arms around him.  “How did you get here?” she said.

Teddy looked at her through his tears, “I love you,” and he collapsed into her arms.


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