It was the third time this week she had woken up in a cold sweat from the same nightmare. Mandy hasn’t had dreams like these since she was ten, and her father died. Mandy was raised by her step mother, and couldn’t wait until she was able to move out. On her eighteenth birthday, Mandy left to search for her birth mother, whom had run out on Mandy and her father when Mandy was just a baby.

Mandy had never got along, nor liked her step mother.  She would always tell her father that some day she’d go find her mother and ask her why she left.  Her father dismissed the idea, a never took her seriously.

The last she heard, her mother was living in Chicago with her boyfriend.  But that was almost five years ago.  Was she still there?  But Mandy was determined, and boarded a bus for Chicago.

She got off the bus in Chicago not really sure were to start.  She didn’t even know what name she was using; Wisemiller, here married name, or Patterson.

She bought a map, jumped into a cab and headed for the last known address Mandy had for her mother.  The cab pulled out and was rammed by a speeding car killing the driver.  Mandy in the back was alive and alert, but her legs were pinned under the twisted metal.

The paramedics freed her legs and rushed her to the nearest hospital.  Her ER room looked exactly like the one in her dream.  She started to get real scared, and wished her step mother was here.  She would be a face that she knew, even if Mandy didn’t like her.

The nurse came in to take Mandy’s vital’s, and she immediately noticed that her name tag read Dawn Patterson.  Mandy looked up to see her.  The nurse looked at Mandy before taking her blood pressure.  A tear trickled down the nurse’s cheek, and she put her arm around Mandy’s head and pulled her toward her chest.  Mandy wrapped her arms around Dawn’s wait.  Her nightmare became a dream come true.



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