Without Wings

It was my first year in public school, second grade.  Even though I had learned to stand and walk without my crutches, I was still taking them to school with me.  I didn’t use them in the classroom, and kept them in the coat room.  Only used them to go certain place like lunch or recess.

When we went to recess one day I said to my self, if I don’t want to use them, don’t take them.  I accidentally on purpose left them in the coat room.  As all of us kids were lined up at the door, I was trying to hide behind the other kids so the teacher wouldn’t see me.  We started walking, and I was hoping the teacher didn’t notice me walking.  Going out the door on to the playground she noticed me.  I stood there for a moment looking at her for what seemed to be five minutes hoping that I was not in trouble for not using my crutches.  She just smiled and held the door open for me.

Once I got on to the playground, it felt a little weird. I had never not used my crutches outside before.  It also felt very natural.  For the first time I felt, in a way, the freedom and independence the other kids were feeling.  In that short moment, I gain so much confidence in myself that I thought I could do just about anything.  From that day on I left my crutches at home, and everywhere I went, I went crutchless.

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