Barrowed Time

Foruty-seven years ago I was a blue baby, a result of a heart defect called transposition of the great vessels.  Fourty-four years ago I had a stroke which brought on cerebral palsy (CP).  Fourty year ago I had open heart surgery.  What was done was called the Mustard Procedure.  It was named for the doctor, William Mustard, who came up with it. The surgery help the blood flow thorugh my heart easier. My heart was, and still is backwards. Meaning the blood flowing through my heart is going the opposite of a normal heart.

I was the second child to have this done and the oldest living.  I had to learn everything over that I had learned before the stroke, but because of the CP my motor skills are slow.  In time I had learned to walk without crutches, although I didn’t stand staight up and I dragged my right leg when I walked.  It’s a good thing that I dont remember what happened to me so long ago, I would probably not be where I am today or had the life that I had.

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