Long Way

I usually don't walk that route, but something told me to take the long way to the park.  It's more woodsy that way, with the houses more scattered.  There's a chance to see some deer, and maybe other wild life.  I love watching turtles graze on some grass, and the squirrels chase each other around …

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They say you only remember the good times in your life. It’s not always true. For two years that I went to a school for disabled children, and before I was main-streamed into public school, I only remember the unpleasant. Something that never should have taken place. Something very wrong.
I dreaded the moment when the teacher-assistant went on her daily break, I knew it would happen. It wasn’t in some secret place, or even hidden away. With no regard to the other students, it was right there in the class room. I can’t imagine what the other kids were thinking seeing their teacher being disgusting, and using me for his play thing.
Looking back I don’t know why I just didn’t speak up. Maybe I was afraid. I can’t remember how I felt. Maybe I still had trust in the teacher. At that age you’re told the teacher is…

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Living Life


JR came running downstairs hoping his father was in a good mood after his long day of teaching. JR was nervous about asking his father anything, but he really wanted to play with the other kids. When he asked his mother, she told him to ask his father. Sometimes he had to fight harder with her to get what he wanted. She was a little over protective at time, and it annoyed JR, because he thought he could do what the other kids can do.

“How was your day, kids?” Frank said, as he scooped a spoonful of mash potato’s onto his plate.

“I learned how to spell my name, daddy,” JR’s younger brother said. “P e t e r, T u c k e r.”

“That’s great sweetie,” Debbie said. She pointed toward his plate with her fork, “Now eat your peas.”

JR looked at his mom, “Go ahead,”…

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It seems like yesterday when we last spoke. We just picked up where we left off. Seeing her at the church before I said “I do,” and possibly ruining my life, was the wake up call I needed. I don’t even feel bad for leaving Tina at the alter. I hope the doesn’t make me a bad person.

I had forgotten how much Joselyn and I had in common. Something always got in the way back then. Either we weren’t ready, or just trying find out who we were and where we belonged. Whatever it was, I guess the timing wasn’t right with us.

Spending time together evoked feelings in each of us that we didn’t know, or just forgot we ever had. Our minds and souls seemingly coming together as one. Our journey home is almost done.

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